We are one of the prominent manufacturers of tiles mainly used in residential and commercial areas, urban renewal, resorts and offices. With the help of our modern manufacturing unit, we make tiles with excellent quality, durability and strength, due to which Classic Designer tiles has become customer's first choice. We are continuously searching for the best looks, colors, flavours, and pricing from all over the world so our choices will never end. We have something for everyone. We make sure our tiles compliment to the tastes of our individual customers.

Classic concrete readymade septic tanks are manufactured using the latest technology in a one mould casting , as per the customer demands . We offer free site delivery and fittings for users, in the order 30, 40, 50, 60 Users at a reasonable low price. These tanks are available in cylindrical shape, cast in a one mould, joint-free by using M-SAND 20MM, crushed rock and GI steel bars .The tank is then prepared for water curing which ensures high durability and leak proof. It can even fit under the car porch, that saves space and 100% leak proof makes it suitable for flood prone areas. We ensure Super Quality, Natural Beauty and Trustworthy Services along with lifetime guarantee.

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